Leveraging Technology

Founded with a corporate mission to “empower people and leverage technology to optimize diversion and efficiency”, a reliance on technology for data driven decisions has remained core to Keter since day one.

Introducing eTrac Software by Keter

Keter led innovations in the design of waste and recycling equipment for improved user experience and reliability, as well as development and management of IoT devices, converge at eTrac.  eTrac is a proprietary and industry-leading software aggregating all operational and financial data to a single system where the Keter team is empowered to make data-driven decisions for the benefit of our customers.

Serving clients on a national platform and providing a first-class waste and recycling program requires transparency and consistency in service.  While eTrac is the foundation for the Keter team to ensure a consistent client experience across all sites, regardless of geography, it’s also the platform for transparency directly to our clients. Via eTrac’s Client Portal, Keter provides directly to each client real-time analytics at the property, regional, or corporate level.


  • Analytics Dashboard highlighting Key Performance Indicators – Landfill Diversion, Operational Efficiency, Tenant Receivables.
  • Ranking within the portfolio drives competition and gets properties excited about their waste and recycling programs and reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Set custom goals with your Account Manager that align with your business needs, and track progress month-by-month.
  • Tonnage trends by specific content type available with customizable date ranges.
  • Compactor Haul Information including service date and weight.
  • List of active equipment including equipment type, size, onsite location, latest compactor PSI, and current commercial service schedules.
  • Ability to submit compactor pressure readings and requests for open tops or repairs via the portal.
  • Download quarterly Property Inspection reports that include meeting notes, landfill diversion improvement suggestions, and images of all equipment onsite from our field staff visits.
  • Additional resources available including Detailed Property Maps, Recycling Education Customized to Local Regulations, Repair Contingency Plans, and more!


This visualizes how much material is being diverted from the landfill utilizing recycling and composting.


Every compactor in Keter’s program is assigned a Target Weight based on the equipment’s specifications, legal limits, legislation in the locality, and the designated content of the compactor. The overall efficiency column is your key indicator of how on target all hauls were for a specific time period.

Recent Property Visit Reports

Documentation of in-person visits/meetings at each. Reports include property updates, equipment inspections, and images of each service court.

OBM Recycle Rebate Rates

The OBM tracks the market pricing for cardboard and paper markets. Keter keeps record of the ebbs and flows of the OBM pricing on a monthly basis. Close monitoring of the OBM market ensures we are securing the maximum rebate for all clients.

Property Maps

An equipment map is provided for each property. The Keter map will show where the program’s equipment is located at each property. Keter maintains detailed property maps, providing a visual representation of equipment onsite.

Tenant Education

Tenant Education is the continuous process for ensuring each participant in the waste and recycling program has proper instruction for correct separation practices and regulatory compliance.  Educating waste generators is core to program success and continuous improvement.